Thursday, October 29, 2015

Trick Or Treat Reads

Hello, friends and readers! This year, your local writer-dragon is participating in Patricia Lynne's Trick or Treat Reads Blog Hop. Which is what, you might ask? Or perhaps savvy readers will simply wait for me to bestow upon them some dragonly wisdom.

Yes, dragonly is a word. Why? Because a dragon says so, that's why.

The Trick Or Treat Blog Hop is an opportunity for readers like yourselves to to bounce from blog to blog, collecting a bag full of free books and stories and other readable treats.

No, it's not literally a bag, because...well, you know. The internet, and all.

As this dragon's loyal subjects know, my fantasy novels are all currently available for free via my story blogs, and you don't even have to download them. All you've got to do is click the links, and start reading. Of course, if you'd rather save them to whatever device you fancy and read them later, that's fine too.

For those who don't know me, I like to say I write dragons for adults. That is to say, I write fantasy novels featuring dragons used as main characters, geared towards an adult audience. (That doesn't mean explicit, just that they're not YA, as I write with adults in mind. ) I love to pair dragons up with humans, so in my work you'll see the POV ( Point of View ) of both. My dragons are characters, not just monsters or plot devices.

If that sounds interesting, you can find some of my work here, completely free:

The Volunteer Maiden
A light-hearted, comic fairy tale of unexpected friendship. And ham. Tired of damsels in distress? How about a maiden who'll kick the dragon in the balls? With both dragon and human main characters/POV, a tale of unexpected friendship. And ham.
( Art by WanderlustDragon )

 The Black Collar
If you were a dragon enslaved to protect an ungrateful frontier town, you'd be drunk too. A darker, more mysterious tale featuring a dragon with a drinking problem, fever dreams, hallucinations and heartbreak. And a pet fish.
( Art by Ijoe )
If that's not enough reading for you, why not visit Patricia Lynne's site and check out all the rest of these wonderful authors' works?
Trick Or Treat Reads

If you'd like to say hi or pester me about more of my writing, leave a comment or find me on twitter:  Of The Wilds  Do say hello, and leave a tribute, won't you?


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    1. Why thank you so much, thanks for stopping by!

  2. Thanks for joining the hop! Happy Halloween.

  3. Found your page through the Trick or Treat blog hop and signed up for your newsletter. Thanks for the dragons and I wish you a happy Halloween!

    1. Thanks so much! I'm temporarily pausing updates on the other two stories, just so I can spend the month writing a new fantasy comedy for NanoWriMo! I'll be sure to add it to one of my blogs so people can read it, too!