Monday, April 28, 2014

Part of a Blog Tour!

I've recently been asked by the lovely Charlotte Ashlock, The Crazy Idealist herself, to participate in her writer's blog tour. Why she thinks I've anything interesting to say I'll never know. But I'm flattered nonetheless, and flattery does a dragon's ego good. So, I agreed.

Now, her own blog post which will link to me and some fellow writers is only just going up today. ( Read it here: ) My blog post to continue the tour, as it were, isn't due for another week. But I figured I'd better get something besides fan art posted here in the meantime.

Do please hit the jump to read on, won't you? There's a good human.

I use the blog for The Black Collar almost exclusively for posting the chapters of the story itself so I'll be posting my Writing Process Blog right here. It'll go up on Monday, May 5th. While I doubt it will be half as well written and entertaining as Charlotte's was, it will be at least be written by a dragon. That's got to count for something, right?

So hello in advance to everyone who finds their way here. It's a pleasure to meet you, my new friends. I am D. Wilder, and the D probably stands for dragon. Probably. If you'd like to say hello, by all means come find me on twitter at @OfTheWilds. It's practically my second home.

Yes, I call it a home, and not a lair. Why don't I call it a lair? Because I'm a dragon, not some comically inept villain cackling maniacally while reanimating the dead. Nothing diabolical about it. The home of a dragon, I mean, not the bit about attempted reanimation.

If you'd like to have a look at my writing, my novel in progress The Black Collar is available for free right here: The Black Collar so do have a look, won't you? It's about a dragon enslaved to the protection of a frontier town. It's got a drunken dragon, everlasting friendship, heartbreaking mystery, hallucinations, fever dreams, and a pet fish. You heard me.

I've other projects soon to be posted to my blog as well, so perhaps I'll have a link for you to those by next week. I'll see you right here next week for my blog tour post on my writing process and why Smaug needs a hug or at least the company of a female dragon. Grumpy old bastard gives us all a bad name.

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